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  • Pure of Heart

    Pure of Heart

    Creamy Rich Milk Chocolate with Himalayan SaltPure of Heart is a delightfully smooth milk chocolate accented by a touch of savory. It’s a sweet and slightly salty fix designed to be a treat for your tastebuds. Weight and Cocoa Percentage: 2.5...

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  • Oh Happy Day

    Oh Happy Day

    Smooth Dark Chocolate with Himalayan SaltOh Happy Day is our intensely powerful dark chocolate that is suffused with the delicate saltiness of Himalayan salt. It’s a sublime chocolate treat with a fine, savory finish. Weight and Cocoa Percentage: 2...

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  • Laugh


    Tropical Coconut With Sweet Fresh LimeA tropical twist on a decadent classic, Laugh combines an upfront milk flavor with the subtly sweet taste of coconut. Tangy lime adds a delightfully refreshing and juicy taste to this chocolate bar. Weight and Cocoa...

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  • Heal


    Sweet Green Tea Matcha With Cranberry Nib CrunchHeal is a satisfying celebration of smooth milk and the natural sweet/bitter nuttiness of green tea matcha. Tart cranberries and crunchy cacao nibs add a delightful layer of complexity to this fun-flavored...

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  • Encourage


    Cinnamon Pear With a Note of LemongrassEncourage artfully combines creamy milk chocolate with the sweet and woody flavor blend of pear and cinnamon. A hint of lemongrass lends an unusual but powerful punch to this sumptuous and decadent treat. Weight and...

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  • Third Heaven

    Third Heaven

    Roasted Peanuts and Salted Pretzel With Nib CrunchThird Heaven is a delectable combination of dark and milk chocolate. One bold and rich with hints of caramel, and the other warm with a light and spicy note. Salted pretzel and roasted peanuts give the...

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  • Polaris


    Toasted Almond With Salted ToffeeA mouthwatering blend of rich dark and white chocolate, Polaris subtly combines a fresh dairy flavor with a complex chocolate finish. The nutty flavor of almonds and the sweet, buttery taste of toffee provide a...

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  • Luna and Sol

    Luna and Sol

    Salted Sweet Cream With Dark Cookie CrunchLuna and Sol offers a fascinating interplay of dark and crunchy cacao cookies against a background of white creamy chocolate. The rich taste of the dutched cacao and the salty-sweet mellow flavor of the milk give...

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  • Good Spirit

    Good Spirit

    Dark Honey Sweetened Orange With Nib CrunchDark and full-bodied, Good Spirit provides an intense contrast of flavors. The rich and creamy finish of the chocolate is balanced by the fruity tones of orange and the sweetness of honey. Cacao nibs provide a...

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  • Gather


    Toasted Sesame & Cardamom With Crushed Almond ToffeeA rich and intense dark chocolate, Gather skilfully blends intoxicatingly warm and fragrant cardamom with the nutty flavor of toasted sesame for a surprisingly unique and tasty twist.  Weight...

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  • Dance


    Smokey Dark Vanilla With Cayenne HeatDance is an intensely flavorful concoction that will awaken your senses. The full and dark chocolate notes perfectly complement a potent mixture of smoky vanilla and spicy cayenne for a powerful explosion of flavor...

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