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Supporting People

The chocolate maker we buy from is a family-owned company, and works closely with the communities and families from whom they purchase their beans to identify opportunities to support and sustain the health and vibrancy of the overarching cocoa community.

In our local community, we support non-profits that have programs that invest in and provide access to resources for the under-served and Disadvantaged.


The chocolate maker we buy from addresses child protection through an integrated approach across multiple programs and one that is driven by public - private partnerships with local governments and multilateral agencies to drive systemic change. they’re committed to honorable sourcing throughout their supply chain and do not tolerate illegal practices, including child labor, forced labor or unsafe working conditions for any member of the farming family.


Women are key drivers of change and development in rural communities and much of a program’s success relies on their active involvement. Within the cocoa sector, women are often responsible for a variety of roles within the household - from food preparation, to income generation to childcare. Despite their active involvement in the cocoa farm activities, they are often excluded from farmer training as well as financial decision-making, both of which have implications on household incomes and the sustainability of communities. Our chocolate maker as well as C&C believes everyone should be treat equal, with love, and diginty.

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