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Chocolate We Use

In general there are two main types of people/companies who bring you the awesome chocolate you have come to love. There are Chocolate Makers and Chocolatiers. A Chocolate Maker takes the raw Cocoa bean and turns it into chocolate. A Chocolatier takes that chocolate and turns it into confections like chocolate bars, truffles, pralines, and more. There is a third type and that's a company that does both, makes the chocolate and then with their chocolate, makes the confection. 

Cocoa & Craft (C&C) is a Chocolatier, we buy our chocolate from a Chocolate Maker. When C&C decided to start the company, they looked for a chocolate maker that had these three qualities: 1. They treated and paid the Cocoa farmers fairly with dignity and respect - 2. They practiced sustainable agriculture that takes care of what God created, the earth - 3.  The chocolate HAD to taste absolutely amazing!


Below is more information about the Chocolate Maker we use and their practices that C&C supports.

See more about the chocolate maker and the chocolate we use and support:


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